Speed featured prominently on the French box.


Speed alongside Polluto on the cover of this French vinyl record.

Speed is a blue-haired Suntot known to have great agility underwater. He alongside his close friend Chip create many environmentally friendly inventions. Unlike his fellow Suntots, Speed is mildly stand-offish, sarcastic, and somewhat sly. Out of all the others, Speed has a very definite hatred for the Smoggies and has even mentioned preforming very harmful acts on them (which includes but not limited to drowning, poisoning, and keeping them enclosed in snow.) but will help them when in danger.

Although not explicitly noted, Speed does seem to have some sort of relationship with Princess Lila. The two are the main protagonists and are the ones to solve the problems caused by the Smoggies. Lila tries to convince Speed that the Smoggies don't mean to hurt the Suntots and they are just overshadowed by their own personal greed, but Speed doesn't seem to fully believe her. Also despite his somewhat cruel nature, he's still very friendly.


From left to right; Speed, Uncle Boom, Gardener, Princess Lila.


Speed is admittedly quite daring compared to other Suntots.