Polluto is on the right holding a barrel of garbage.


Polluto following Emma following Clarence.

Polluto is Clarence's only crewmate. He is rather dimwitted, as Emma always points out, but he is the Smoggie with most of the practical skills. He runs the engine room (for some reason, he eats coal and oil), and acts as cook, pilot, mechanic and custodian.

His name is a play on the word "pollution".


Polluto is featured on the french DVD collection dumping garbage, which he does often.


Polluto being criticized by Miss Emma, Ralph is on his head as usual.

He is often shown to have a warm heart, so his polluting tendencies are more related to ignorance and a desire to do his job. Sometimes he is friends with the Suntots but can just as quickly turn against them when ordered to chase them by Emma.

Unlike Emma and Clarence, Polluto seems to be able to survive on eating coal and drinking oil. This may lead some to conclude that he is not human like them and perhaps some kind of android Clarence built. Because he eats coal and drinking oil, the ship the Stinky-Poo is unable to leave the island.