Emma trying to trick the Suntots, a common occurrence.

Emma is the self-appointed leader of the Smoggies, she has a short temper and a fear of growing old, and is always trying to think of a scheme to get her way.


Emma speaking to Polluto.


Emma is on the left.

She always bosses her two cohorts around, and is obsessed with finding the magic coral, thinking that that is what keeps the Suntots young. Polluto calls her "Miss Emma."


Emma following her husband Clarence with Polluto in tow.

She is very determined to acquire what she believes allows The Suntots to stay young, the Magic Coral of Youth, and outright refuses to believe that it simply isn't real. She is also a bully and has no qualms about lying or being deceitful in getting her own way.

Emma's greed and vanity always lead to her downfall and the Suntots outsmart her.