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Coral Island

A view of Coral Island


Water mills


Wind mills


An example of an entertainment device powered by these energy sources.

Coral Island is the island where the Suntots live. It may or may not contain a magical coral that provides everlasting youth to them. This is sought by the Smoggies who dwell on the Stinky-Poo parked outside the island and polluting its waters.

The Suntots have set up a variety of environmentally friendly ways of generating power for their communities.

Locations on Coral Island Edit

  • Suntot Town: Referred to as Corailville in French, this is the main area where the Suntots live and work. The entire town runs on solar, wind, and water energy.
  • Shark Bay: The main beach area on Coral Island where the Suntots usually hang out.
  • Lumber Forrest: A large forrest area filled with many types of plants and animals native to Coral Island. This is where Lumber works.
  • River Delicious: A long flowing river that starts in the Lumber Forrest and goes all throughout Coral Island. It's also home to a large dam system.