A Long Way From Home

Season 1, Episode 8 – Aired: 9/18/1991

The Suntots find a lost Kiwi, and the Smoggies kidnap it and Sport because there's a map home in its backpack.

Sport found the Kiwi bird while he was having fun. The Suntots treat the bird.

Later, the Smoggies notice that the bird is carrying a map, thinking it's treasure, they decided to take the bird.

Later that night, Sport is sleeping next to the bird until the Smoggies tied Sport in a burlap sack. The Smoggies took the bird and Sport back to their ship.

The next day, the Suntots found out that Sport and the Bird are kidnapped.

Back on the ship, Sport, still in a sack, is punching and kicking in the sack and demand the Smoggies to let him out of the sack.

The Smoggies plan to leave the island. They also plan to take the bird and Sport with them as their prisoners.

The Suntots sneak in the ship and they rescue the bird and got Sport out of the sack.

They escape the ship.